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You spoke, We listened



In 2016 we took on board comments and suggestions made by our exhibitors.  Here at LII we pride ourselves on delivering an event that surpasses expectations and taking that feedback and developing them is all part of that process.  The question we asked was “what needs changing” and below you can see the responses and what we’re doing to implement solutions.

1) More attendees, delegates and ‘end-users’

Conference themes and call for papers went out in February – so we connected three months earlier with our audience

The process of engaging with stakeholders has already started – through targeted pieces of educational content we are creating monthly with our sponsors / exhibitors, which we will be showcasing at the actual event. This is another option for reaching the market – click here to find out more or register if you’d like to consider taking part

2) Clash with the STM Association meeting

Although 80% of responders liked the date we are exploring ways of better co-ordinating our events to make it work for those who want to attend both. We are continuing dialogue with STM

3) Although 71% thought the exhibition was good or very good a significant number commented that [named] “vendors were not at LII 2016 when their overseas counterparts had made the effort!”

In several cases the named vendors were in the hall, but they did not have stands – so from our attendees’ perspective they were not there – so they could not meet them in person

We are creating new options including meeting pods in 2017 to help vendors have a physical presence even if they don’t want a stand

4) There was some criticism about some exhibitors “not having relevant staff, who could answer questions.” Others commented that “…certain exhibitors did not have posters or info materials.” “Some stands had no staff on them”, one or two  “were more interested in answering e-mails than engaging with delegates!”

We will share more information about visitors’ industries and job functions ahead of the event helping exhibitors to send the most appropriate staff and helping them have relevant materials so that all parties get the most out of LII 2017

5) Want to see more early career researchers and entrants to the profession (< 35 years) – who should be able to take part in the conference

We are setting up a programme for this target market to create content and in return receive subsidised delegate passes. We’re also creating a “learning stream” to appeal to this group and others wanting to learn new or develop existing skills from how to get published, to how to manage information resources

6) Request for organised networking and a introduction service to vendors

We are going to survey all registered attendees, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors to find out which each party wants to meet during LII 2017 – and set up organised networking groups to facilitate this. You can already register your interest here if you want to take part in this year’s networking.

We are also creating themed sectors around specific content types, technology and corporate verticals

7) The event needs to attract ‘end-users’ as well as librarians and information managers.

39% of attendees were from other target groups including end-users. See below for detailed breakdown. We have examined the profile of existing attendees (beyond information managers) and will reach out to these individuals with a similar profile but in other industries through the content and webinars we are creating over the coming months.

8) More engagement with disruptors and start-ups

We’re creating a disruptor wall and poster campaign to facilitate meetings with this group before and after their presentations


Please do get in touch if you would like any other information about LII 2017 and how we can work together this year.