5 - 6 Dec 2017 business design centre, london

London Info Talks


New webinar programme: regular educational content pieces aimed at different parts of our community

Hosted and moderated by LII

The first webinar is for the corporate market addressing the challenges of using copyrighted materials in a global environment. This is in partnership with RightsDirect.


How it works and benefits for exhibitors:

Registered attendees engage online with practitioners and specialists as they discuss relevant topics and research that will improve outcomes in science, education and business

LII webinars help our exhibitors / sponsors to engage with and nurture potential new customers ahead of the actual event on 5-6 December 2017

▪    Together with our exhibitors/partners we identify relevant topics, invite guest speakers and create the webinar content
▪    Webinars are announced to relevant parts of our extensive database, via our media partners and through vendors’ own mailing lists
▪    Our webinar system continues to promote the event regularly to registered attendees ensuring the maximum number of participants
▪    We agree specific calls to action with our exhibitors/partners (e.g. the opportunity of a face-to-face meeting at the show, the option to have a product free trial, etc.). Attendees can take advantage of any offers during the webinar
▪    Following the live webinar a video is posted online; the calls to action remain available to anyone
▪    Automatic tailored follow-up e-mails are sent by the system to those who attended / did not attend, took advantage of any offers / or not
▪    As a sponsor/exhibitor, you have access to all registered attendees so you can continue the nurturing process after the webinar… culminating in face-to-face meetings at LII 2017

To discuss a LII webinar, please e-mail contact@info-international.co.uk or click here to schedule a telephone call