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Lean Library declared London Info International Disruptor zone winner 2017

Thursday 23rd November 2017

London Info International has announced that Lean Library is this year’s LII Disruptor zone winner.

Each year the LII Disruptor Zone challenge invites submissions from start-ups, publishers or vendors with new and innovative products, platforms or content?

Lean Library can be used by libraries to provide services, assist and interact with patrons within the workflow of the patron. Libraries can pro-actively bring access to articles to patrons, communicate and help Patrons within their workflow. Libraries can also use semantic enrichment to pro-actively bring resources to patrons at the moment they are looking for a subject.

From all the submissions received Lean Library was the stand out candidate and Johan Tilstra, CEO and Founder, Lean Library will speak on “Adding value for end users beyond the library building or library website” in the main LII conference at 2pm on Wednesday December 6th.

Johan said “We’re really pleased to be designated the Disruptor Zone winner! It feels like a recognition of what we’re trying to do for library users, and for librarians!”

LII Director Clive Snell said “We are delighted for Lean Library who has become our second ever Disruptor Zone winner. Our disruptors hold terrific potential for the future of the information space. Many of our previous participants have seen significant positive developments including gaining clients, extra funding and in one case acquisition by a global publishing player. It is important for us to be able to offer a spotlight for these start-ups so our community learns more about them. Many congratulations to Johan and his team”

Lean Library will also be presenting in the LII showfloor sessions – 5th December at 2.30pm and 6th December 11.00am.

These sessions are free to attend for all pre-registered exhibition attendees and you can register at  http://bit.ly/bookLII

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