4 - 5 Dec 2018 Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 0QH

2018 Exhibition Incentive

Whether your goal is to gain new leads, promote a new product or service, or to reinforce existing client relationships, it is important to take steps to ensure you are attracting the right people to your exhibition stand. To encourage all exhibitors to develop pre-show and on-site marketing strategies, London Info International is pleased to announce the 2018 Exhibitor Incentive Program.


Exhibitors will have the opportunity to participate in two (2) different categories:

  1. Best Pre-show Promotion Campaign
  2. Most Engaging Exhibition Stand


One (1) winner will be selected in each category.


Winners will receive the following:

£1,000 off the price of your exhibition stand in 2019

Recognition at the Tuesday General Session (Pre-show Promotion category only)

Recognition on the Showfloor Stage

Plaque to be displayed on your stand

Recognition on the London Info International web page

Recognition in the post show e-shot


  1. Best Pre-show Promotion Campaign

Show us how you are promoting your presence at LII 2018.

To be considered all submissions MUST include the following:

A brief overview description of your full marketing campaign

At least three (3) examples of your company’s pre-show marketing materials. Examples may include (but are not limited to) promotional emails and social media

Use of at least one (1) tool from the resources provided such as: LII 2018 logos, LII 2018 banner ads, LII 2018 email signatures, personalised LII customer invitation letter, #LII2018 social media posts


Submissions will be reviewed and a winner determined by a committee of LII members.


  1. Most Engaging Exhibition Stand

We encourage you to use unique ways to attract customers to your exhibition stand.

This category will be evaluated based on success in engaging potential customers rather than on stand appearance. This is NOT an overall “best” stand competition. Ideas include (but are not limited to) interactive games/displays, food and beverage, prizes or giveaways. Exhibitors do not need to enter to win the Most Engaging Exhibition Stand category. All exhibitors will be reviewed and a winner will be determined by a committee of LII members.